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Dave’s 5 Point Thursday – 21/11/2019

Hello all. Welcome to another 5 point Thursday with me, Dave.

Answers to last time’s questions?

For anyone who missed my last 5 point Thursday, you can check it out here.

Answer to question 1:

The first screening most anti-doping organisations will use is what is called a testosterone : epitestosterone ratio test. A normal, healthy individual is expected to have a T:E ratio of 1:1. For whatever reason, anti-doping organisations allow a 4 x greater result (ha ha). What this means is that one could confidently dose 3 mg/kg of testosterone per week and still pass the first screening. That is 300 mg per week for a 100 kg male. To make matters even more laughable, this screening is urinary in nature and makes for faster esters and orals extremely hard to catch. More ha ha. As I mentioned last time, the first mistake athletes make is assuming these anti-doping organisations actually want to catch athletes. Apparently, this is changing. Until further notice, there are a number of basic drug protocols one could use to beat any anti-doping association with relative ease.

Answer to question 2:

When one is using testosterone or anabolic steroids, LH, FSH and SHBG are expected to decrease while FAI will increase. The caveat to this answer is that in about 10-20% of individuals, FSH and fertility remains unaffected by anabolic steroid use. That means, they can have babies on the juice. That is a very lucky or unlucky genetic inheritance; depending on how you want to look at it.

Can you lose fat in a caloric surplus on DNP?

This question is often asked. Most coaches would shout “lazy” but if you ask me, it’s a pretty interesting question. The short answer is “yes, you can.” DNP will directly raise BMR, which means you could theoretically out-eat the drug and gain fat, but the drug also exhibits another mechanism of action that directly targets adipose (fat) tissue in the presence of growth factors such as anabolic steroids, IGF-1 and insulin. Now, usually when someone is game enough to use DNP, they’re also taking a boat load of other shit too. When one uses DNP, the body is so focused on expending extra energy that it will target whatever tissue is most readily available at the time. Now, in an individual who’s using anabolic steroids, HGH and insulin as well as training their ass of, I ask the question:

“What tissue do you think the body is most ready to give up in this environment?”

The answer to that question is fat tissue. I have literally seen it too. I have seen individuals gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Mind you, they don’t feel as good as they look during this period.

Does micro-dosing DNP have its place in physique enhancement?

I think yes. The doses I prescribe are on the conservative side to begin with (2 mg/kg), but I have recently seen users experience great success with doses 5-10 x less than that. I think this is where we are heading with this amazing compound. Longer and slower not hard and fast. If you trust your source, why not try 0.5 mg/kg and see what it does for you? Be sure to check skin folds or dexa scan results, as DNP can confuse the user’s results with the added fluid retention it is known to add on while you’re using the drug. Once again, the lower dose regimes don’t seem to have much or any of this effect. The only side effects reported from micro-dosing DNP I have received is feeling warmer throughout the day and especially at night while asleep.

Other good choices for females?

When it comes to females and accruing more muscle than is genetically possible (or at a faster rate), the obvious concerns with anabolic steroids is that the woman may end up becoming more of a man if she uses the wrong compound, dose or duration. That’s a pretty fair concern to have as well. Why then, am I not asked questions about one of the cheapest and most anabolic hormone of them all? Insulin! Girls, you got to get on the insulin train. If you can afford HGH with your insulin regime, you will be surprised just how much muscle you can gain without ever having to use an anabolic steroid in your life. For bikini and fitness competitors, if you have the budget, insulin and HGH is my first choice these days. As for doses, you’re welcome to work up to 10 iu of HGH 1 x daily and 5 iu of fast acting insulin twice per day. Of course, keep in mind without the right nutrient dose and timing, insulin use becomes life threatening. You’d have to be a total retard to mess that up with all the information available on the internet these days but. If you need any specific help, send us an email and ask for Dave.

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