About Us

Australian Steroids are the leaders in the Australian anabolic steroid and performance enhancement drug market. We are veterans in the industry, but with a forever evolving commitment to quality, safety, security and anonymity. These four words cannot be over-stated in this industry within Australia.


We ensure that all of our products are both presence and purity tested for each batch before they hit our shelves. With a money back guarantee, you can always be comfortable that the dose and compound on the label, is the dose and compound you wish to use.


We ensure that our products are manufactured in sterile environments—void of any biological and non-biological contaminants. Contamination or poor manufacture practice is a massive issue within the Australian UGL market at current. We regularly run screens of our supplier’s products and any product that does not adhere to our standard of care will be eliminated from our inventory.


Let’s be completely transparent here; anabolic and androgenic steroids as well as most other performance enhancing drugs, are not legal for sale or use in Australia. Our commitment to keeping customers secure is why we have remained in the game for so long. Make no mistake, law enforcement are forever evolving too, so to stay one step ahead is a must to prevent seizures. Read our FAQ and our blog updates to keep yourself educated with current methods of secure payment and shipping.


Anonymity is a little different to security in the sense that it is all about you. Our system is designed so that you as an individual and identity is always protected. Our website is hosted securely offshore. All personal details and data is encrypted to eliminate the risk of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. Thanks to advances in the cryptocurrency world, we accept payment via Bitcoin. From start to finish, you will remain anonymous so that you can rest easy. More details within our FAQ and blogs also.

Customer Care:

Of course, how would we be number one without amazing staff that works around the clock to bring this service to you. All emails and encrypted app conversations are responded to swiftly so that you don’t miss a dose. We offer express domestic delivery among several other methods of transport and discrete packaging.

User and Noob Friendly:

Another aspect we pride ourselves on is being user friendly. From the most tech savvy expert to the noob who is only just hearing about what a Bitcoin or VPN service is—we have designed our service so that we can help absolutely anyone order and receive products. In depth step by step “how to” sections you will find within our website so that your experience with us is a breeze.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any further questions. Contact us via email: austeroids.is@protonmail.com

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