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HPLC Results 2023

Hello All, We have just received back HPLC results for a number of Vita and Omnia Products from the trusted Swiss based – Simec Ag:

Simec is a leading analytical lab that has world class equipment to give an accurate report on anabolic compounds. Batches are from mid December and are current batch we are sending out in Feb/Mar 2023.

HPLC Results: Links to reports attached.
Vita Test E 250mg: Result – 252.0mg Complies ✅
Vita Tren A 100mg: Result – 99.5mg Complies ✅
Vita Winstrol 10mg: Result – 10.1mg Complies ✅
Vita Primobolan 100mg: Result – 101.3mg Complies ✅
Omnia Sustanon 250mg: Result – 253.6mg Complies ✅
Omnia Anavar 10mg: Result – 10.3mg Complies ✅

HPLC Lab Results Omnia & Vita 2023 – Click Here

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