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Dave’s 5 Point Thursday – 07/11/2019

More on anti-doping this week.

For those of you following my 5 point Thursday, you’ll notice I am giving away snippets into my upcoming article on “all you need to know about beating WADA, USADA or any anti-doping organisation on the planet.” The first mistake you will make as an athlete trying to beat a drug test is the same mistake the general public make. That mistake is that you’re of the false perception that anti-doping organisations actually want to catch drug cheats. Let’s pretend for a moment anti-doping organisations actually wanted to catch drug cheats. You’d assume that the first test they’d run on an athlete would be the same, affordable blood test you and I get when we’re running anabolic steroids. A simple assay for testosterone, estrogen, LH, FSH, FAI, free test and SHBG. If you guessed that if an athlete is taking anabolic steroids that these lab values are going to come back a little “extraordinary,” then your guess would be correct. But anti-doping organisations DO NOT use these assays first. “Say what?” That’s right, they do not.

Does anyone know what is the first test WADA and USADA use to screen an athlete to see if they’re cheating? If you answer correctly, you’ll receive a 15% discount code from me personally to use over the Xmas break on any size order, big or small, on any product. Keep in mind once again, I am only generous for those who are accurate!

What about the conventional assays?

As we approach Xmas, I am all for double giveaways. If you can tell me exactly what is predicted to happen to these markers when someone is using anabolic steroids, then you will receive a 20% discount coupon. You can’t get some parts right and some parts wrong though. I need a 100% pass score. What is predicted to happen to the following markers when a user is taking anabolic steroids. Answer either “UP” or “DOWN” next to each marker to signify whether or not the units of measure in the blood are expected to elevate or decrease below baseline while using anabolic steroids.


Please note, even if you are a genius, you cannot use the both coupons in one order. I’m not that generous!

Is Anavar the best choice for women?

The age old tale of anavar for women is a tale of truth. Anavar is absolutely one of the best choices for a woman as the drug has a high anabolic rating as opposed to its androgenic rating. Milligram for Milligram, Anavar is maybe the best overall choice for a woman to use to minimise side effects with the conventional anabolic steroids choices. But is Anavar the best choice? I did say milligram for milligram, but what I didn’t say was that there is another drug out there that has even better potential for building muscle with even less side effects. The caveat here is that you cannot dose this anabolic steroid milligram for milligram next to Anavar. If a woman is taking 10-20 mg of Anavar per day, she definitely doesn’t want to be taking that much of this anabolic steroid. However, all we’re interested in here is results. Nandrolone phenyl-propionate micro dosed possesses even less androgenic potential than Anavar for even better muscle building results. At a dose of no more than 50 mg per week, NPP can produce significant muscle gains in a woman. As NPP is a medium-short ester, I would urge the compulsory dosing frequency to split that 50 mg up into 3 x per week. As the dose is so small, subcutaneous injections are a good fit here. No need to worry about injection pain or complications. A little prick under the skin three times per week is almost as convenient as swallowing a tablet. If a woman is comfortable with 50 mg per week, she may be able to go up to 75 mg per week or instead stack this 50 mg per week with 10 mg of Anavar per day. Don’t push it but!

How are my athletes training?

There a one million and one ways to skin a cat and everybody is different. We’re not that different but. We’re actually more similar than we’re different. The verdict is still out on volume vs intensity and volume still triumphs intensity for long term progress. It really is as simple as either more reps, sets, weight or all three of those over time. Progressive overload is still king. Keep it simple everyone.

Is fibre hurting my athletes?

Inherently, no. Fibre is harmless if you’re not experiencing any digestive distress. Some people reading this may be wondering why I’m talking about fibre in any remote light of negativity? Fibre has been marketed as some sort of essential nutrient in a human diet, but the evidence for this is a compilation of weak, poorly conducted epidemiology. If anything fibre has been associated in a wide array of digestive disorders, particularly IBS. As an athlete, speed and ease of digestion is crucial in order to be able to eat, train, eat train—then maybe eat and train again. I’ve come to notice that a lot of athletes have trouble eating enough food to fuel their physical goals; especially off season bodybuilders and elite level athletes who exercise vigorously multiple hours per day. In these situations, the reduction (or even complete elimination) of fibre may be a game changer. If you google Stan Efferding’s Vertical Diet, he explains this conundrum in depth. Don’t assume that plenty of fibre is only benefiting your health or performance. Question everything. You may just find the solution right under your nose.

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