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Modafinil. My experience with it.

I remember when I was first referred to the drug Modafinil by a friend much stranger than myself. He was worth several million more than myself, so I thought there had to be at least something to this medication. Upon my first Google search to learn some of the pharmacology behind this medication, it seemed to just be like any other stimulant at first glance. Before taking the medication for the first time, I expected the medication to feel like a mild dose of amphetamine. Let’s back track for a second for those who are unfamiliar with Modafinil. Modafinil is a prescription medication used to treat disorders like narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder and for those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. As with other nootropics, the mechanism of action behind Modafinil is still somewhat unknown, but the evidence available points towards Modafinil being a dopamine reuptake inhibitor; similarly to cocaine, only less intense (at the recommended dosage anyway).

I am not particularly sensitive to stimulants, so I decided to start with the standard dose of 200 mg used in many of the study papers on Modafinil. I was a little run down from the night previous that day. I was out with friends for an engagement the night before and did not get as much sleep as I would like, so I decided that morning was the right time to experiment with Modafinil. I had a lot to get through that day. It was at the 36 minute mark (precisely) that I noticed myself not run down anymore. I just felt, well, awake. But not anxiously awake like I get sometimes with too much coffee. I felt composed. The difference between this feeling I was experiencing with Modafinil as opposed to amphetamines was that I was not exactly euphoric; which for me is a good thing. The reason amphetamine use is never a good idea for increasing productivity for me is because the moment I feel the effects of amphetamine, my urge to be social and interact with loved ones is too high. I end up chatting on the phone for hours instead of getting anything done in the way of work. So that was the first tick for me with Modafinil. I wasn’t chatting everyone’s ear off in my amphetamine induced euphoria. Fast forward 4 hours later, I am stuck in a flow state trance of productivity. I am a writer (surpise) and the words just seemed to eloquently leave my fingertips and land onto the page with perfect grammar and flow. I am not exactly sure Modafinil increased my creativity, but the fact I could think clearly aloud me to harness the part of my mind when I at my best; which is usually after a good sleep and my diet is in check.

All promising signs with Modafinil until it was time to go to bed. I must have got 4 hours of sleep that night, and no, I did not feel too good the next day. It was not as depressing as the comedown you might experience with an amphetamine binge, but I sure was tired! No free lunch hey. It was a pretty cool first experience with Modafinil for me, but due to the insomnia I never revisited the drug until years later when I heard about micro-dosing. Instead of 200 mg Modafinil per day, which is more tailored for patients with disorders, the proposed micro-dose was 25-50 mg once daily in the morning. All I can say is, woah, did this discovery change my life. Do not get me twisted, I am not a modafinil junky. Every medication has its time, place and dose. I do regularly use Modafinil as needed; often for weeks at a time. Usually 50 mg per day. I have not noticed any real ill effects from the medication at this dose. No subjective withdrawal symptoms either. No drug is perfect and Modafinil is definitely not NZT (see limitless movie. If you have not, do so ASAP), but at the lower dosage range it is certainly one of my favourite discoveries. I am just free-flow blogging here, so I do not need to provide any official warning disclaimer about this medication. But please, proceed with caution and do your homework. This was just my experience.

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