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Anavar. Is it really the safer choice?

Anavar is a household name in the anabolic steroid community. The word around town is that Anavar is a great anabolic steroid for lean muscle gain and fat loss, but without the side effects some other anabolic steroids are known for. What side effects are these? Let’s take a look at some of the truths and myths surrounding this most popular anabolic steroid with a game of Fact or Fiction:

1.) Anavar is not as toxic on the liver as other oral anabolic steroids. Fact.

Anavar is one of the few anabolic steroids that has a decent body of research behind it and its effects on the liver at doses up to 80 mg daily have been studied. In otherwise healthy individuals, Anavar only elevates transaminases mildy in most individuals. Elevations in these transaminases (ALT and AST) do not necessarily indicate liver damage either. Mild elevations are often an indicator that the liver is working harder to process something. Unless the elevations exceed 5 x normal limits, there is rarely a concern. Also, once the Anavar use is ceased, the elevated transaminases quickly return to baseline.

2.) Anavar is side effect free. Fiction.

Although Anavar may have benefits with regard to liver toxicity, this does not make the compound side effect free. Anavar, like all anabolic steroids will induce changes in lipid values, shut down the HPTA and at a high enough dose, Anavar can exhibit the same androgen related side effects other anabolic steroids can induce. There is a misconception among some of the females within the community that Anavar will not induce any “man sides.” Although it is true that Anavar is a good choice for women because of its lower androgenic activity vs its anabolic activity; low does not mean no androgens. When the dose of Anavar is high enough, the same androgen related side effects can occur. And here is the catch. Due to Anavar being so mildy anabolic, better results are seen with higher doses anyway so the risk will likely always be a factor for those who seek faster or more significant results when using Anavar. I have seen Anavar cause masculinising side effects on women at doses as little as 30 mg daily. So, although Anavar is good choice, I do not want people in the community to think this drug is magic compared to the rest.

3.) Anavar is great for fat loss. Fact.

Anavar does seem to exhibit some potent fat loss properties for whatever reason. Within the literature, the fat loss in subjects was clinically significant. Most of these subjects were also not healthies who resistance trained while in a caloric deficit, so I suspect the results are even greater when nutrition, training and health are on point. I recommend Anavar in any fat loss or competition prep program. A dose of 50-80 mg daily for males and a dose of 10-40 mg for females (depending on what class the female is competing in). Once again, females are to caution their dose and adjust up with care.

4.) Anavar is a mild anabolic steroid and will produce mild results so do not expect too much. Fact-ish.

Of course, each person will respond differently to the next and you will always read about that one guy who ran an Anavar only cycle and got jacked and shredded in 8 weeks while eating cheesecake. Unfortunately, as much as this one case study may very well be true—for most of us what we are going to experience with an Anavar only cycle is mild increases in muscle gain and perhaps some fat loss if we have dialled in our diet. Anavar possesses mild anabolic/androgenic activity compared to some other popular anabolic steroids, so what is expected as far as results is much the same—mild. I find Anavar to be a great addition to almost any stack, but on its own I find its use cases to be limited to females only. Indeed, you could run 100-150 mg Anavar daily and see some really awesome physique changes, but then you are starting to increase your risk of toxicity and you may just have better luck with a cheaper alternative such as 50 mg daily of Trenbolone.

 Anavar does not aromatise, it is not known for excess water retention or any other nasty side effects at the recommended doses, so it makes for a nice addition to any stack for a mild increase in skeletal muscle. Other than that, there is no magic to Anavar, or any anabolic steroid for that matter. They all have their use cases, their advantages and disadvantages at the right dose and time, with the right person. Anavar’s reputation has been built mostly on the fact that it was one of the most commonly available anabolic steroids a bodybuilder could get access to before the UGL boom. There was less choice. Couple that with the fact there is empirical evidence to back Anavar’s safety profile and you have what is a popular choice among the PED community. Use it, but do not expect a magic pill. Where there is more risk, there is often more reward. Where there is more reward, there is often more risk.


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