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Anadrol Gynecomastia

An anabolic steroid that does not aromatise any estrogen-like metabolites, but still can cause gyno? How?

A question that comes up often enough. How does Anadrol cause gynecomastia if it does not aromatise at all? The anadrol gyno situation is quite unique in the sense that there is no aromatisation, rather the anadrol itself is thought to have estrogen-like activity. Although, this has only been proven “mechanistically” because the cases of anadrol associated gynecomastia in the empirical evidence is quite rare. This has led me to believe one of a few things:

1.) The user is not using anadrol on its own and it seems they have an elevated estradiol from another cause. Likely other aromatising AAS.
2.) The user has a bottle that says they are taking anadrol, but in fact the anadrol has been faked and is a cheaper compound such as dianabol (which can cause gynecomastia).
3.) As above, the anadrol itself is somehow exhibiting estrogen-like activity.

If the anadrol were to be exhibiting estrogen-like activity, then of course, aromatise inhibitors would be useless for treating anadrol associated gyno because there is no aromatisation taking place. In fact, on paper anadrol seems to exhibit the opposite of what may be happening because it is a DHT derivative. An E2 antagonist at the breast tissue seems the smart choice to treat anadrol associated gyno if the theory is correct. Nolva or Ralox are common choices. A dose of 40-60 mg daily of each until the gyno subsides should be effective. Although I have heard of reports that swear by anadrol being the cause of their gyno, I really cannot confidently say with an n = 1 what is going on. Once again, although I have heard the reports with anadrol gyno, I still think they are quite rare (as seen in the imperical evidence) and I can only speculate as others do. None the less, what is important is the clinical outcome: You are treating the issue and you feel and look good. Until we have a randomised control trial of individuals that use anadrol only in an AAS cycle or the trial is controlled with anadrol as the only variable—we cannot know for sure.


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