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Swiss Clomid 50mg X 50 Capsules Clomiphene Citrate

$75.00 $60.00

50mg x 50 Capsules
Each Capsule contains:
50mg Clomiphene Citrate

SKU: G499 Categories: , Product ID: 39183
Half Life: 5-7 days
Administrastion: Oral
Dosage: PCT 50-200mg per day

Clomid, as does Nolvadex, works by occupying the binding sites of estrogen receptors of cells, without activating the receptors. This reduces the extent to which estradiol can activate these receptors. In the case of the hypothalamus, this leads to the hypothalamus “concluding” that estrogen levels are low. If androgen levels are not elevated, as indeed they should not be after an anabolic steroid cycle, the hypothalamus is then stimulated to produce LHRH.


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