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HEXARELIN 2mg Vial (Peptide)


1X HEXARELIN 2mg Vial (Peptide)

Purity > 99%
Manufactured in Australia

Does not include bacteriostatic water. You will need to purchase this separate.

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SKU: G151 Category: Product ID: 2929
Half Life: 60-80 minutes
Administrastion: Subcutaneous injection
Dosage: 200-400mcg, daily

Hexarelin is a synthetic peptide composed of 6 amino acids making it a “hexaptide”. Hexarelin is a peptide GH secretagogue with a potent ability to stimulate GH secretion and recently reported cardioprotective actions. Research has shown that the effects from GH include increased bone mineral density, increased mitosis and meiosis which leads to more muscle mass, triglyceride hydrolysis which causes prominent fat loss, connective tissue strengthening, and improved skin elasticity. Because Hexarelin’s amino acid sequence may help in promoting the body to produce more Growth Hormone, it will not shut down the body’s own production. This is a very important factor and makes Hexarelin an attractive chain when compared to Growth Hormone alone. This synthetic peptide has similar GH-secreting properties with its predecessors such as the GHRP 6, GHRP 2 and GHRP 1. However, unlike GHRP 6, hexarelin does not induce food intake because of its incapability to drastically increase the grehlin levels that are responsible for the feeling of hunger and faster emptying of the gastric system.


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