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10mL Trenbolone Mix Bi-Bolone 150 mg/ml (Compounding Australia)

$95.00 $76.00

Compounded in Australia by a licensed compounding pharmacist – with 15 years complex compounding experience

• Quality approved ISO 9001:15
• Quality assurance
• No cross contamination
• Quality grade raw materials
• Heavy metals testing
• End product testing
• Temperature controlled

150 mg/ml x 10ml
Each ml contains:
75mg Trenbolone Acetate
75mg Trenbolone Enanthate

SKU: R415 Category: Product ID: 21763
CompanyCompounding Australia
Half Life: Mixed
Administrastion: Intramuscular
Dosage: Men - 50-100 mg e2d (200-600mg p/w)

Bi-Bolone 150mg is a mix of 75mg Trenbolone Acetate and 75mg Trenbolone Enanthate per mL. Users are able to utilize both short and long acting trenbolone esters.

The Compounding Australia lab has encountered issues ordering new labels due to COVID-19 supply chain impacts. Due to this older labels showing a 2021 expiry date are being used, please note that the real expiry date for this product is Nov 2022.

Fat Loss
Muscle Growth


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