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Dave’s 5 Point Thursday – 24/10/2019

Following up from last week

Last week I provided a hint into one of the ways elite level athletes can beat a WADA or USADA drug test. The hint was:

“Plant sterols vs animal sterols”

I didn’t expect many emailers to get this one right. That’s okay, that’s what my 5 point Thursday is for after all; for content you won’t read anywhere else!

Testosterone was actually first created from a Yam that grows wild in Mexico (like a potato, yeh). This Yam contains a plant sterol that can be synthesised into testosterone and the anabolics we all use today. One of the ways anti doping organisations will test whether or not you’re using testosterone or other anabolics is by analysing what is known as a carbon isotope test. If your carbon isotope print shows plant sterols and you’re not a plant? Well, it’s pretty obvious then that you’re using exogenous (synthetic) androgens.

But with the right connections and ambition, you could employ someone in the know to synthesise testosterone from an animal, which can also be done. Of course it can be done because we all produce testosterone naturally and we are animals. This is manufactured from cholesterol, which is a readily available substance almost anywhere you look. Chemistry is so fascinating, huh?

More on this next week. Don’t go looking for any underground chemists to at manufacture you testosterone from an animal just yet. There’s far more to this story yet.


What are my athletes asking me this week?

There’s been a poo-tonne of emails regarding DNP usage since I first released dosing information about this amazing compound in my first edition of Dave’s 5 point Thursday which you can find here.

For whatever reason, kids these days love to complicate things. I’ve been asked about micro dosing DNP and mixing it with other thermogenics.

Guys. Think about a couple things. To begin with, last time I checked, DNP literally melts fat from your body. Literally. There is no compound that even comes close to DNP for fat loss. That would be my first question as to why you want to mix something else with DNP.

Secondly. Guys. DNP is dangerous enough on its own as it is. It’s virtually dynamite. There’s no human research of worth in this context and there is certainly no research of worth on mixing DNP with another cardiovascular stimulating drug together. Just don’t do it. For my biochemistry fans. I love your theories and they are engaging for me, but please remember that the Petri dish is not your body. You only get one chance at life. This is not a laboratory where you can trial and error DNP. DNP can and will kill you if you stray to far from the plan. KISS everyone. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Start at 1 mg/kg of DNP once daily in the morning and work up to 2 mg kg. That’s enough for mind blowing results. Trust me.

My first 2 points were a little long today, so I’ll be leaving you all with 3 video tutorials I have found enormously helpful for those wondering about the best way to inject testosterone and anabolic steroids. One of these videos refers to the sub cutaneous route. I’m ready for the emails that will follow, but to save you some time, the answer is:

“Yes. It has been approved that sub cutaneous injections are a safe and efficacious route to inject testosterone.”


How to inject your testosterone subcutaneously.


A great tutorial on how to safely inject your anabolics into your deltoids.


A medically inaccurate, but safe and efficient way to administer testosterone and HCG in the same injection for an easy and painless HRT protocol.

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